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Internal Family Systems

You've likely heard yourself say, "Part of me is really excited about this new experience and another part of me is terrified." Or "One the one hand, I feel happy in my relationship and then sometimes, I feel trapped." Well, who are those parts and how is it that they create such inner conflict? Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapeutic model that honors all parts of us. IFS is a powerful way to connect with all "parts" of your system and better understand and heal the source of wounds that contribute to internal conflict.  For most people, internal parts are carrying burdens, such as depression, shame, "not-enoughness," "too-muchness," and insecurities, and may be stuck in the past, reliving painful events.  These parts might manifest behaviorally as a tormenting Inner Critic, the Striving Overachiever, a Road Raging Driver, or an Escapist Scrolling/Drinking/Gambling Addict. The good news is, each of us possesses a whole Self with powerful healing qualities such as curiosity, compassion, creativity, confidence, connectedness, and calm.  When you can direct these qualities toward your parts, you begin to understand and appreciate the positive intention of parts that carry the burden of painful emotions, beliefs, and traumas, and with guidance, you can help these parts release their burdens so they are freed up to help you be your natural Self.  Once accepted and seen for what they are, previously challenging, painful, or traumatized parts often feel less reactive, triggered, and polarizing. 

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