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Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) theory proposes that we all have multiple "parts" within our internal world.  You've likely heard yourself say, "Part of me is really excited about this new experience and another part of me is terrified." Well, who are those parts and how is it that they create such inner conflict? Internal Family Systems is a powerful way to connect with all "parts" of your system, to understand the source of wounds that contribute to disharmony within and create burdens that parts carry, such as depression, shame, and anxiety, heal those wounds, and lead your system to greater inner peace.  Within each of us is the healing, Self.  Some qualities of Self include, curiosity, compassion, creativity, confidence, connectedness, and calm.  In creating an open-hearted "Self-to-part" relationship, you begin to understand and appreciate the positive intention of parts that carry the burden of painful emotions, beliefs, and traumas, and with guidance, you can help these parts release their burdens so they are freed up to help you be your true Self.  Once accepted and seen for what they are, previously challenging, painful, or traumatized parts often feel less reactive, triggered, and polarizing. 

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