Spiritual Wellness through Soul Realignment®

I believe in a holistic model of health and wellness, and Soul level healing can be beneficial for many.  When you receive a Soul Realignment® reading, I will access your Akashic Record on your behalf, to provide you with information as to who you are at SOUL LEVEL, including your Soul's Divine gifts and qualities, as well as challenges that could make it difficult to make the best use of your gifts. Information gathered can save you a tremendous amount of time in finding meaning and purpose in your life and you will benefit from guidance in understanding and enhancing those skills your Soul knows best.  With a Soul Realignment® reading, you will learn what current and past life choices and karmic consequences are taking you out of alignment with who you truly are.  When they remain unconscious, these choices can prevent you from accessing abundance and your nature as a Divine Being.  For example, you might be feeling like you are working so hard at your job or career but can't seem to get that next promotion or you feel uninspired by the work you do. Perhaps you keep finding yourself in the same unhealthy or unfulfilling  relationship patterns over and over, or maybe you feel disempowered and defeated, and don't know how best to get out of the rut you're in, no matter how hard you try.  Or, you may well be on your way to increasing your consciousness and living an intentional life and want to make the most of your time on your journey.  I will collaborate with you to create an action plan to energetically clear these Soul level patterns that serve as barriers and assist you in identifying new choices to bring you back into alignment with your highest and most beneficial truths, allowing you to be a conscious creator of the life you want.  A Soul Realignment® reading beautifully compliments counseling and will more deeply illuminate and heal long-standing patterns in relationships, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. Readings can be done for yourself, your spouse/life partner, or your dependent child and are offered in person, over the phone, or through my telehealth platform.  

Additional Akashic Record offerings include:

  • Life Situation Reading

  • Chakra Analysis

  • Life Lesson Reading

  • Relationship Reading

  • Spirit Guide Profile

  • Property clearing

A basic Soul Realignment® reading is a $300 investment.  

Please contact me for more information and pricing on additional offerings. 

Soul Realignment® is not a substitute for medical treatment or mental health counseling and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.  Readings are meant for guidance only.

The Akashic Records

Akasha has many translations, "ether," "space,"and "upper sky." The 

Akashic Records are an energetic library of all that ever has been for humankind.  Your Akashic Record holds information about your Soul from the time of it's creation - every thought, feeling, intention, and action.

The Akashic Records are a neutral resource that simply allows one to see what karmic events exist based on past action and consequence.  Therefore, it's an objective place of non-judgment from which to glean helpful information and to use this information for accelerated conscious decision making.  The more we understand why we've made our choices, the better chance we have of creating new, aligned and empowered action for ourselves through FREE WILL.  Learning more about what your record holds can be tremendously healing.  So many people say to me, "I feel like I've been making this same choice for lifetimes!" and quite frankly, that is entirely possible!  Empower yourself to be more in touch with who you really are by scheduling a session with me today!


"Megan is a kind and empathic soul reader. In our session together, I received messages that were deeply reaffirming of choices I've been making, and my own intuitive sensing. I learned more about where old habit energy is blocking my growth, how to clear that, and actions I can take now to start changing my karmic pattern. Since receiving and applying all of this information, I feel lighter, more confident in my inner guidance, and a deeper connection to spirit. I ruminate less, and have an easier time letting go of comparison and the expectations of others. I highly recommend anyone looking for positive changes in their life to meet with Megan for a Soul Realignment!" 

— JC

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