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Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) theory proposes that we all have multiple "parts" within our internal world.  You've likely heard yourself say, "Part of me is really excited about this new experience and another part of me is terrified." Well, who are those parts and how is it that they create such inner conflict? Internal Family Systems is a powerful way to make loving contact with all "parts" of your system and to get all parts around the table (or campfire) in order to establish more internal harmony and peace.  In creating an open-hearted Self-to-part relationship, you begin to understand and appreciate the purpose of seemingly painful emotions, beliefs, traumas, and burdens these parts are carrying.  Once accepted and seen for what they are, previously challenging, painful, or traumatized parts develop a trust in the unshakeable, open-hearted, compassionate Self, becoming free to help you co-create your INSPIRED LIFE!

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